JnM Squared Ecosystems - *** harry j binder--where are you

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Thought you or at least 1 of your minion idiots didio or someone would at least have the balls to post to you tube or beat my 2 beautiful children as you promised.As you have said "Mike, you are the most bi-polar I *** binder have ever seen.

Do not worry cheapo-- I will send you all the free shirts your heartless soul desires. The shirts will say the followig--Bi-Polar people get the job done.--What ever the" job is" Another quote from the *** binder when I asked for his help in raising $$$$ for the murdered father of 2 children and a widow via GMs corvette killer I am winning a 1 billion $$$$ lawsuit against both GM and On Star, you are next--bider ***. Harrys responce and I quote "I will not help some *** that had no insurance--I do not care who the *** left behind.

I binder *** am god and I deem the *** to be the ultimate ***." Call the binder *** @ 516-582-3190 and tell him what you think of the binder ***!!!!$$$$> My name is Michael John Dunphy and I am the CEO of J"n"M Squared Ecosystems a company whose motto and creed is a uniquely ethical company putting people ahead of profit!!!!$$$$.516-382-1738 for discusssion!!!!$$$$.

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